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UPDATED 2/10/22. Please note only outfits as described are included. I will answer emails in the order they are received. Email me to purchase at, saying *I intend to purchase & I can PAYPAL NOW!* so I don't misunderstand & sell out from under you -- that way, no feelings get hurt. Speedy payment please. I usually ship same day if the PO is open. All forms of paypal okay EXCEPT NO e-checks. For those that know me, Friends and Family would be greatly appreciated. The cost of shipping will be added to the sale. ALL ITEMS over $50 WILL ALSO HAVE THE COST OF INSURANCE ADDED THE SALE. Please include your zip code & ADDRESS when you email me so I can figure shipping costs. No time payments. No holds. Internationals welcome if we have had successful business dealings in the past.

 SSP  Not pictured - :FROM 2019 ROYAL ENGAGEMENT:

-Princess Margaret wedding gown, never dressed on doll, complete with gown, veil, jewelry, shoes, crinoline, tiara, bouquet $140


Franklin Mint Princess Grace Portrait Gown pieces, gown, wrap and belt only $25

2021 AMBASSADOR OF FASHION:-Diplomatic Affairs blue/white stripe dress $95

Fendi green powder puff with box $7

FROM 2019 ROYAL ENGAGEMENT: Royal Affair black/white polkadot, black jewelry/shoes in pkg $65

7 pc. Gene "Incognito" includes dress, petticoat (which has some minor smudge/staining marks), handbag, headscarf, sunglasses, shoes, gloves $50

FROM 2018 SOPHISTICATED LADY: Misc. miniature flyers, magazines, posters, menus, invites, etc. as shown in photo, including two mini black filter cigarettes, Tony Bennett "vinyl" 33 rpm album and mini boxed Christmas gift of "Action Comics" $15 - see closeups below

OOAK mink hat and muff, fits 16 inch fashion dolls, label missing $20

Closeup of Tony Bennett "album" and "black filter cigarettes" and "boxed Christmas present of comic book" from SSP Sophisticated Ladies Convention